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Adiel Gorel
-  Real Estate Expert  •  Speaker  •  Author  •  Wellness Advocate  -
-  Real Estate Expert  •  Speaker  •  Author  •  Wellness Advocate  -
Adiel Gorel – Author, Speaker
Adiel Gorel has more than three decades of successful real estate investing experience. He is As the founder and CEO of ICG (International Capital Group) Real Estate Investments, a world-renowned real estate investment firm founded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1987, Gorel has been teaching thousands of investors how to secure a strong financial future for college, business investments and retirement. Adiel travels the globe speaking to audiences about his simple investment strategies and showing them how to have fun with a process that most find complex. 

Adiel is also a wellness advocate who has curated some of the country's leading health professionals to produce a life changing special, Life 201. This wellness program is showing viewers how to live younger - longer. His original PBS special, "Remote Control Retirement Riches" is also airing on Public Television stations across the U.S. He has been featured on NBC, ABC and in Fortune Magazine to name a few, showcasing his no-nonsense, insightful approach to real estate investing.

What People Are Saying
"I've been listening to Adiel for 16 years, I'll tell you… He truly wants to help people, and his presentation is straight from the heart. He's open, honest, & deeply empathetic."
- Larry Samarron
"For organizations looking for an engaging speaker who knows his stuff, I would definitely recommend Adiel Gorel. His presentation speaks for itself!"
- Susanna Prion
"His advice has worked very well for me. I would not be looking toward a successful retirement strategy had it not been for Adiel Gorel."
- Bill Woods
"The way Adiel speaks is super-engaging, fun, & entertaining!"
- Shelley Golden
"Listening to him speak, there were hundreds of people in the audience, but I felt like he was talking directly to me." 
- Graciela Tiscareño-Sato
"I can't thank Adiel Gorel enough.
Following the advice he laid out in his presentation changed my life!"
- Chris George
"I very much enjoyed listening to him. Coming from an engineering background, Adiel really understands engineers. But... Unlike most of us engineers, he has a great sense of humor and is very relatable." 
- Derek Pearson
-  Real Estate Expert  •  Speaker  •  Author  •  Wellness Advocate  -
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